Our Ethos

At Little Angels Day Nursery, we are firm believers that a child’s early years are the most important of their lives. We have highly skilled practitioners who will work in partnership with parents/carers to help to support each child’s learning and development across the seven areas of learning.

Children are born with naturally inquisitive minds and as early years practitioners we continue to promote and extend this using a range of adult and child led play experiences both indoors and outdoors. We understand that every child is unique and all develop at their own pace, to support this we regularly monitor the training that our practitioners attend and adapt this to the needs of the children.

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The nursery environment plays a key role in supporting all children by providing them with a sense of security and belonging, each of our rooms are continuously adapted and changed to suit the cohort of children.

Our nursery has been inspired by the curiosity approach, we have now implemented this by using authentic and open-ended resources to further ignite a child’s imagination, awe and wonder. Practitioners develop good relationships with children and their families through a key worker approach and we now use elements of in the moment planning. We set up invitations to learn and play that follow a child’s interest as we feel this encourages them to engage for longer.

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It is vital that children are encouraged to be fit and healthy from a young age and we promote this in all of our rooms by providing children with a variety of fresh, nutritious home cooked meals, opportunities to engage in physical activities as well as being part of the toothbrushing scheme in our preschool room.
As a nursery we feel that it is of great benefit to work in partnership with outside professionals such as Wigan Early Learning Childcare Team, Speech and Language Therapists, Earliest help drop-in service and many more. It is key that as a nursery we support our families with engaging with external partners to support the children we care for.
Little Angels Baby Room

Baby Room

The ratio within baby room is one member of staff to three babies, at our Talbot Street site we can accommodate twelve babies and at our Silcock Street nine babies at any one time. Learn More >

Toddler Room

Toddler Room

The toddler room ratio is one member of staff to four children, both of our sites can accommodate up to sixteen children at any one time. Learn More >

Pre School


The preschool room has a ratio of one member of staff to eight children, both of our sites accommodate up to twenty-four children at any one time.
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Out of School

Out of school

The out of school club room can accommodate up to thirty-eight children at any one time, the out of school practitioners take and collect children from local schools within the community. Learn More >